The Mesoamerican Initiative of Women’s Human Rights Defenders

The Mesoamerican Initiative of Women’s Human Rights Defenders (IMD, for its abbreviation in Spanish) seeks to create alternatives for the protection, self-care, and safety of women human rights defenders as a response to the violence they face as a result of their work. Since 2010, the IMD has favored dialogue, joint efforts, and joint actions amongst human rights defenders at the national and regional level. This joint initiative is supported by an alliance between Just Associates (JASS), the Association for Women’s Rights and Development (AWID), Consortium for Parliamentary Dialogue and Equity Oaxaca, Feminist Collective for the Local Development of El Salvador, the Unit for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders in Guatemala (UDEFEGUA), and FCAM.

The IMD uses an integral model of protection and is an important political initiative, given the regional Mesoamerican context in which there has been a rise in the criminalization of social protest and activists that defend human rights.

FCAM is in charge of distributing resources among the organizations and networks that make up the IMD. We are also responsible for rapid response funds for the security and self-care of activists.

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