Grantee Partners

A Participatory and Transparent Selection Process

As a feminist organization, we recognize how important it is that women themselves be the ones to propose and promote alternative solutions to the challenging situations that their communities face. For this reason, since 2004, we developed a methodology that allows us to give power to the women’s movements and lets them decide which groups and organizations should receive funding from FCAM. We see this as a matter of coherence and transparency. It means giving the movements the power that comes with money, instead of keeping it all to ourselves.

The process works like this: after receiving applications through a public call for proposals, we perform a initial filter of applications to preselect proposals that meet all the necessary requirements. Then, we send information about the qualified proposals to all groups who are either current or potential Grantee Partners so that they can vote for the proposals they feel are most relevant. We then consolidate all the votes, and the proposals receiving the most votes are selected as new Grantee Partners. This allows women from different social movements to participate in FCAM’s decision-making processes related to the distribution of financial resources.

The selection process for Grantee Partners is one of the ways that we try to democratize access to money and express our institutional values: gender equity and equality, social justice, and ecological consciousness.

Our methodology has been used with organizations of varying sizes, with different programs, and with both young women and adult women. This method has also been adapted by other grant-making organizations, like the FRIDA Fund.