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Dear friends, we are very pleased to share with you that FCAM has been consolidating its programs and strategies in order to better support the struggle for women’s rights and social justice. New challenges and opportunities have also allowed us to become stronger internally, in part, by expanding the Fund’s team.

It is with great enthusiasm that we introduce you to the new members of the Fund: Margarita Gutiérrez, Ana Carolina Carranza, Sofía Tablada, and Helen Barrientos. Each of them is a capable, creative, and competent woman with ample experience in women’s organizations at a national and international level.

Margarita Gutiérrez
Deputy director

Margarita comes from Matagalpa. She is a psychologist by profession and a passionate women’s advocate with strong feminist convictions. For more than twenty years, she has counseled local and international NGOs in the management of cooperation interventions geared toward development in Nicaragua. She began her active participation in social and humanitarian work as a teenager and, by age twenty, she had already decided to fully commit to working for women’s rights and social struggles. In Margarita’s opinion, FCAM’s organizational principles are closely linked to her own beliefs, according to which it is of the utmost importance to contribute to the construction of a more just and equitable world, where interactions between women and men are based on the principles of equality of opportunity and respect, and where women are guaranteed their rights in every aspect of their lives.

Ana Carolina Carranza
Program Officer

Ana Carolina was born in Juigalpa, Chontales. She has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a master’s degree in International Cooperation. Ever since she took her first job, she has been involved in promoting the human rights of women and children. She has worked for organizations such as Soy Nica (I am Nica), Solidaridad Internacional de España (International Solidarity Spain), and Oxfam. Carolina likes to read about the context and situation of women and young people in Central America. She strongly believes it is important to contribute to a positive change regarding the rights of women in all their diversity, which is why she thinks very highly of FCAM’s efforts as well as the work of the women our Fund supports.

Sofía Tablada
Assistant—Program on Women’s Rights and Environmental Justice

Sofia was born in Ocotal, Nueva Segovia. She studied Diplomacy and International Relations in León and feels a strong connection and attachment to her alma mater’s hometown, where she also worked for many years. She gained most of her experience by working at international cooperation agencies, and her last efforts in that area were focused on children’s rights. Working with FCAM has encouraged her to learn even more and continue to develop personally and professionally. This is the first time she works with a group that fights for the rights of women, but she has always recognized the importance of organizations such as the Fund.

Helen Barrientos
FCAM Consultant in Guatemala

Helen is a Guatemalan educator and feminist. Her work for the rights of indigenous children and women began in 1998, and it focused on leadership education, emotional health, community organizing, and sexual and reproductive rights from the feminist perspective. She is an elementary school teacher and holds a degree in Education from the Rafael Landívar University in Guatemala. She worked for Sinergia No’j (No’j Synergy), coordinating the Programa de Escuelas de Formación Política para Mujeres Indígenas y Rurales (Schools’ Program for the Political Formation of Indigenous and Rural Women). She is currently a pedagogical advisor for the Youth Network for Political Advocacy (known as INCIDEJOVEN in Spanish) and a co-founder and chair of the Board of Directors of the Institute of Alternative Education (known by its acronym in Spanish as IPEA) in Guatemala. Her greatest passions include dance and yoga. Being part of our team affords Helen the opportunity to continue to learn from, and effect change alongside, women from a place of hope, struggle, and joy.

Here at FCAM, we know our new coworkers will contribute to the enrichment of our institutional work as well as the formation of closer bonds with our Partners, allies, and networks in other Central American countries.

The FCAM family will continue to grow this year. Soon, two additional members will join us to work with our Partners in Guatemala and El Salvador. Stay tuned! In the meantime, you can meet the rest of the team by clicking on the following link: https://fcmujeres.org/fcam/equipment/

Ana Carolina Carranza, Sofía Tablada, Margarita Gutiérrez.


                                  Helen Barrientos.

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