About Us

Who we are

As of 2003, we are the first and only feminist fund in Central America to raise funds in support of the financial, political, fiscal, and emotional sustainability of groups, organizations, human right defenders, networks, and movements that work for the human rights of women and their communities.

What inspires us 

We work to build a world in which Central American women, in all their diversity, have their rights guaranteed, as they relate to personal security, physical and emotional well-being, and economic, social, and environmental justice. We also actively foster their participation as leaders in the decision – making processes that affect their lives and their communities. 

Who we work for 

Our Partner Organizations – the groups, organizations, and networks that we support – are activists and human rights defenders. The roles they play expose them to high rates of violence, and they generally are not able to access traditional sources of funding. They are girls, adolescents, and young women. They are immigrant women, domestic workers, and textile factory workers. They are sex workers, lesbians, bisexual women, and transgender women. They are rural women, indigenous women, and women of African descent. And they are women living with HIV and women with disabilities. They are women that belong to traditionally marginalized groups.

FCAM does not finance the activities of political parties, religious groups, or personal endeavors.

What makes us different 

Our top priority is to build close, collaborative relationships based on mutual respect with our Partner Organizations, allies in joint initiatives, and donors.

We provide our Partner Organizations with flexible, multi-year general financial support, and they are the ones who define their agendas, priorities, and methods. We also provide opportunities for learning and institutional capacity building, and we facilitate encounters among organizations in order for them to get to know each other, find out what they have in common, and work together in alliances.

We develop joint initiatives with other funds and organizations around the world, which allows us to not only access resources not readily available in Central America, but also to expand the scope and impact of our work, contributing to the defense of women’s rights on a global level.

Our donors are friends and allies with whom with have a shared mission. They have accompanied our growth and development, and there are currently more than thirty of them supporting our work. Their unwavering support is proof of our trustworthiness and reliability as well as an acknowledgement that our strategy to support the advancement of women’s movements is both successful and necessary.