Channel Foundation, French American Charitable Trust, Foundation for a Just Society, Levi Strauss Foundation, Women Win, Sigrid Rausing Trust, OAK Foundation, Ford Foundation, NoVo Foundation, and the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Through FCAM, the Mesoamerican Initiative of Human Rights Defenders receives funding from: Foundation for a Just Society, Global Fund for Women, Anonymous Donor, Open Society Foundations, OAK Foundation, Oxfam Intermón and Calala Women’s Fund.


Our individual donors are women and men of varying ages, backgrounds, and life experiences that believe profoundly in the capacity of all people to do great, impactful, and inspiring things that help transform the world and make it a safer, more just, equal, and equitable place for all, especially women.

They are people like you and me, aware that today more than ever, our choices can change the course of life for thousands of women in Central America: girls, adolescents, young, and adult women that fight everyday for their rights and their lives.

They are part of that group of people who want to inspire and be inspired, who want to stop talking and start taking action, who recognize the importance of activism and investing in women’s human rights so that not a single woman is marginalized, discriminated against, excluded, violated, or murdered.

Sometimes it only takes that first spark of a new idea to ignite you to think about new ways of being, to open you to new possibilities”.