Migrant Women

We support groups and organizations led by women migrants – or by family members of women migrants – that organize actions to educate, raise awareness, and empower the migrant population, work to socially denounce abuses; or do advocacy work to transform public policies, laws, and norms that criminalize migrants.

# Grantee Partners of the Program: Migrant Women Country
1 Grupo de Emigrantes Mujeres Adolescentes y Jóvenes del departamento de Rivas (GEMAJ) Nicaragua
2 Movimiento NicasMigrantes Nicaragua
3 Mujeres por la Justicia, Educación y el Reconocimiento (MuJER) Guatemala
4 Red de Mujeres Nicaragüenses Migrantes en Costa Rica Costa Rica
5 Comité de Mujeres de la Asociación Enlaces Nicaragüense en Costa Rica Costa Rica